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AS-8310 vs. Zinc Orthophosphate


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Tin and Inorganic Tin Compounds



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Cooling Water

Corrosion Control -- problems and solutions involving cooling water corrosion control

Puckorius AS-8150 test -- June 20, 2005 results.

Puckorius AS-8310 test -- August 18, 2008 results.

Product & MSDS Sheets -- Product Data Sheets and Material Safety Data Sheets.

AS-8310 vs. Zinc Orthophosphate -- corrosion tests conducted during February 2009.


Drinking Water

Introduction -- problems unique to drinking water corrosion control.

Theory -- the underlying theory of stannous chloride's success as a corrosion inhibitor.

Laboratory Tests  -- University of Minnesota tests

Results -- examples successful applications of AS-8150.
              St Paul, MN
              90th percentile graph
              Full optimization graph
Tin Toxicity -- a description of tin's benign behavior when used in food and water.

Comparisons -- comparing AS-8150 with phosphates, silicates and pH control.

Lead Corrosion Study -- University of Minnesota, by Elizabeth M. Esbri Amador.

World Health Organization -- Report on Tin and Inorganic Tin Compounds



Case Histories -- "Case Histories of Using Tin Technology ...",  by Bill Stapp, President AS Inc.

Contact AS Inc. -- Phone numbers, addresses, and email message box.

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Other Resources

www.itri.co.uk -- International Tin Research Institute -- an international organization promoting the uses of tin.




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